The expression of poetic imagination

Diamonds, more than any other precious stone, are the expression

of a poetic imagination and of the artisan expertise of a house of fine jewelry.

They are the perfect jewel for every occasion and they are always the keepers

of secrets of the heart, connected to every important event in life.

A true accent of feminine light, expressing an harmonious force,

that rules nature: transparent and light like pure air, but also tough

and strong that resist the passing of time like true emotions.

Lingottino selects the brightest and purest diamonds from around the world,

the incredible skill of the master goldsmiths

create masterpieces unique in their kind.


Created by the slow geological processes of heating and cooling,

during which carbon becomes crystallised, diamonds, as we know them, are truly a rare and precious stone.

The techniques of master craftsmen improved constantly so that they are now able to highlight

the very best of every diamond. The name diamond descends from the greek noun "adamas"

which means invincible, which underlines its most notable characteristic: its extraordinary strength.

The first extractions of diamonds

were recorded in India around 2800 years ago,

with the most treasured coming from the discovery

of the South African mines around 1600.

From then on, diamonds have never stopped conquering

the hearts of women around the world.

Always at the very top of the list of desires,

becoming in absolute the stone most coveted.


Diamonds are universally described
by the characteristics, known as the 4C's.


the unit of weight of diamonds, one carat being equivalent to 0,2gr


diamonds come in every colour in nature.
This scale refers to the presence or absence of hue,
in which perfection is grade D (extrawhite),
followed by all the other letters (e, f etc...)


he degree to which a diamond is free from impurities.


this refers to shape and proportion.
The cut always depends on the ability of the master craftsmen
and it influences clarity and brightness.


For any other precious stone such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite

and so on do exist certifications but always not as perfect as for the diamond.

Our advise: always refer to a reliable jeweler that has been known for a certain time

and do not trust any very special offer or the " that guy is selling a sapphire at an incredible price

"...most probably the bargain is always his not yours.



Anybody has its own! There are many kinds of stones and so are the characteristics of the people who wear them.

Every single piece of jewelry is specifically designed for the woman wearing it.

As any of us shows his identity through the colours’ choice and  the frame of the dresses worn,

similarly, when we imagine a jewel  we make a real style practice!

A perfect jewel suits every physical characteristic, every personality, every style, every age.


Specifically designed for each personality and each occasion,

jewels don't suit all the situation:

a rare jewel with elaborate setting could be perfect on an evening dress,

while the same jewel will not suit a day or an office look.

How to orientate among so many choices, then? How to select the right jewel?

Lingottino suggests to get proper advice by an image professional.

A true personal consultant who will lead you to the perfect pick for you,

due to his experience and knowledge of style and elegance!

Just at Lingottino you will find the proper advice.