Celebrated for creativity, the Lingottino brand gathers a significant number

of artistic goldsmiths and top notch creative spirits.

At the origin of every piece of jewelery there is a creative process

that starts with a gem, leads to an always different design and proceeds

to the project: thus the jewel takes shape in the very precious metal that is fashioned

by skilled hands and transformed to become part of our collections and your lives.


The goldsmith’s skilful hand creates a first visualization

in the form of a material production of the piece that slowly takes shape.

Using vintage tools, he then goes on to the punching stage to obtain the desired shape.

At the end of the shaping, the artisan begins to bore the various components

in order to create the cavities to house the gems.

At this point the setter takes over, who with painstaking care places

the jewels in their seats.


The charm and the splendour of these unique creations are the result of the most refined techniques of quality jewelery

and the art of setting. Thanks to long experience gained in processing precious materials, Lingottino is able to realize

its splendid treasures using ancient, classical techniques: the setter’s craft is a key part of the long process that contributes

to the final splendour of the gems. If set too deep, gemstones lose their light. But the expertise of the setters of Lingottino guarantee the most exceptional light for every single piece. Bead, invisible, prong or riveted setting: the technique chosen

by the creative spirits, by the artisans and by the setters – key figures involved side by side in the design of the jewellery right from the first sketches – determines the final appearance of the model. The luminosity of a piece of jewellery in fact depends

to a significant extent on the technique employed and on the skill of the setter, who to keep the gems from losing

their brightness must never allow them to sink too far down into their settings.