“Every single jewel of my collections
is the tribute to woman’s uniqueness,

a one of a kind piece that speaks of her
and expresses her personality

and spirit in the best possible way.”


The complexity of a mounting and the uniqueness of a diamond: the experience and the the elegance of Lingottino match

the countless facets of beauty and artisanal realitis building an alchemy that gives life to unforgettable pieces.

First of all the stones are selected directly in the countries of origin, India, Thailand, Tanzania immediately considering

the one of a kind creations that will be created in the Milanese workshops.

the final message is always matching a balance of feelings with the glamour inspired by the desire

to make every woman different.


 Lingottino is the perfect choice for those looking

for exclusive objects,unique for their style and quality.

The milanese showroom embodies the maximum expression  of style of italian fine jewelry. A hidden treasure chest,

in the heart of the city, which, thanks to the work

of the best artisans, employes the most traditional goldsmith techniques. Only the best stones become a Lingottino jewelry, because exclusivity is the highest form of luxury.


Lingottino is the ultimate example of made in Italy.

For over 25 years, it has expressed its passion for art,

beauty and music in the constant search for beauty

in fine jewelry of the very finest quality.